humble & kind Building Contractors


We care to understand you as a customer, in order to know what is really expected. We work together to share all the information related from the design of the location, to the materials used and details involved, always achieving our main goal, Building Perfection.


At humble & kind we know the importance that represents the desire to have a home or commercial business with a highly attractive and enjoyable design, so we provide our efforts to transform this desire into reality and exceeds your expectations.


Our team is known for its in-depth expertise in all aspects of construction, management and development. We focus on working with the best quality materials and equipment, as well as the finest sub-contractors and well-known local designers. Our clients are our main priority, we strive our best to meet their expectations.

Mathias Mey

Founder & State Certified Building Contractor

Mathias Mey discovered his passion for construction and design while working for an experienced Contractor as his summer job in college. In 2005 he left his native Germany for St.Petersburg, Florida to advance his corporate career where he proved himself as a highly motivated and results-oriented operations executive. He fell in love with the city, its friendly people and the big variety of architectural styles. He decided to leave the corporate world in 2009 and start a real estate investment company with a focus on restoring old and neglected properties where he saw potential.

Over the course of 8 years, in collaboration with his partners, grew several boutique real estate firms into a multi million dollar company. His corporate experience allowed him to successfully lead his team of associates, streamlining and optimizing business processes and managing multiple projects on time and within budget. Out of that experience and a stellar reputation grew the interest of clients to hire Mathias for their remodeling projects: The idea of humble & kind was born. It is humble & kind’s mission as a building contractor to bring that same passion and customer focus to its construction clientele.

“Our focus has always been whole house restorations. That usually means taking the walls down the studs, reinventing the existing space and giving it new life while maintaining the original character. I think St.Pete has a unique mix of architecture, between bustling Central Avenue and Kenwood, the Old NE and beautiful Snell Isle. I have seen it’s growth and potential over the years and I am very fortunate to be part of it!”