Commercial Construction and Residential Homes & Renovation

Since the beginning of the company, our main goal has always been to maintain the quality of products and services offered. We  provide customer satisfaction through precision and and an exceptional eye for detail in every project executed. We have a quality team of industry professionals  from a full  interior design crew to our sub-contractors, who collaboratively deliver high-end finishes at every job site. We are committed to supply all our of clients with premium materials and the utmost professionalism from our team.

Home Remodel

With time, home owner’s tastes and preferences change. Instead of moving into a new home, they are updating their existing home with a new design preferences. Whether you would like to take easy steps like upgrading your windows and doors, to bigger projects like additions, humble & kind can provide you with value expertise and quality products to make your project truly unique. Your home transformation will be completed with vigilance attention to detail.

Bathroom Remodel

We renovate bathrooms according to the needs of our clients. We can add sparkle to your existing bathroom by adding features like natural lighting, modern fixtures and intricate tile work. We can increase space or functionality, create privacy, make your bathroom safer or build your own personal luxurious spa. Bathroom remodeling will enhance the enjoyment of your home while increasing your home’s value.

Exterior Home Renovations

Exterior home renovation can help to increase the durability of a property, and hence its value. Whether you have a property which has been very soundly built but which is now showing signs of wear and tear, you can improve both the structure and the appearance of a building. Making exterior home renovations not only increases the curb appeal of your home but also boosts its resale value. The value of an exterior renovation isn’t limited to just cosmetic-driven benefits; it can also result in energy savings, improved general maintenance, and will certainly add to the overall livability and perception of your home. Whether your project includes re-siding, re-painting, new windows, doors, roofing or trim, humble & kind will take the utmost care of the building that keeps you and your family safe from the outside elements.


Additions is a great way to expand your living space as your family or needs grow. An effective way to achieve your dream home without the hassle or expense of moving. Investing in an addition to your current home, will make your new space easily merge with the comforts and style you have developed over time. A well planned and executed design, dedicated contractor and thorough understanding of your goal are the keys to creating a beautiful addition with minimal discomfort and disruption to your everyday routine.

Decks and Patios

With the addition of a deck or patio, you can turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis that blends equal parts of comfort, style and beauty. You will immediately increase the value of your home while making the backyard your family and friends’ favorite gathering place.

Kitchen Remodel

More time is spent in the kitchen as a family than in any other area of the home. From a simple update to building a gourmet super-kitchen, you can count on adding value to your home as we create a beautiful and functional space for your family and for entertaining. Whether you’d like to maximize your space, build an island, re-do your kitchen layout, or add custom cabinets, humble & kind LLC can make the transformation picture perfect. Your kitchen remodeling project is sure to be treated with respect and with quality to be cherished.

New Construction

Your dream come true. Much like an artist with a blank piece of canvas, humble & kind LLC can build custom homes, ranging from Spanish to Mediterranean, Colonial to Cape Cod, and Traditional to Modern. From conception to completion our process is about moving all parties forward toward a shared goal: an extraordinary residence. Our goal is to make the building experience understandable and enjoyable to the client, while remaining true to the design team vision. Our client’s dream custom home will be envisioned by the design team and realized through our expertise. Though project size and project budget varies, humble & kind LLC dedication to achieving stunning results will not.

Window and Door Replacement

Fortunately, one of the best home improvements you can make on your home will result in immediate savings and add to the value of your home: Impact windows and doors are your perfect solution to provide effortless hurricane protection. This remarkable product also provides protection to your draperies, rugs, and furniture from the sun’s damaging UV rays. Impact resistance glass reduces outside sound and traffic noise enhancing the serenity of your home. The same impact resistant glass and heavy-duty construction that keeps flying objects out of your home during a hurricane, also provides a deterrent to thieves and unwanted visitors. We have replaced hundreds of windows over the last couple of years. Every window order is custom fit to your homes exact window dimensions and in most cases without any modifications to the existing walls or stucco. This makes for a quick and sound installation that is built to last. 


Updating the flooring in your home can make a big impact. There are so many different kinds of flooring material options available to the end user that it makes choosing even more difficult. At humble & kind we help you navigate through this decisionmaking process in order to choose the best flooring to fit the aesthetic and function in your home. Environmentally preferable flooring can help reduce or eliminate waste, pollution, energy use, and can even save you money. Some of the many environmentally preferable flooring choices include cork, linoleum, concrete, bamboo, tiles which can be recycled. Whatever type of flooring you choose- simply transitioning from old carpeting to sleek new flooring can completely change the look of a room and make your home more modern and valuable.

Garage Remodeling

How would you like to add about 400 square feet to the living area in your house without spending a lot of money or time? You can probably remodel your garage into a comfortable living, play or work area for less than what it would cost you to remodel your kitchen. A significant advantage to a garage remodel is that it does not cause much disruption to your life because it is separate from your main home. 

Additional Services We Offer

Complete Home Renovations

Office Remodeling


Floor Refinishing


Selective demolition

Preservation of Historic Properties

Custom Wood-Work + Trim work and Molding

Construction Clean-up

Restaurant Remodeling

Room Additions

Bathroom Build-out and Renovations

Store Remodeling

Lighting Design and Installation

Closets and Storage System


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